The broken heart is the place of greatest suffering

Over the course of my journey with God and helping people find healing, the thing I have noticed hurts people the most is not to do with the physical realm. Sure, the physical manifests symptoms, however they are usually representational of a deeper wound… the wound of the heart.

As people seek God’s healing power in their life and answers are not forth coming as fast as we would like, the first place people a tempted to run to is actually the last place God wants them to go – doubting the goodness and the love of God to them. This is the place the enemy (satan) wants to take you. Why? Because it is a place of hopelessness. It is a place of denying the love of our Spiritual Dad who loves us with great passion. And so we remove ourselves from the position of receiving help, counsel and healing from the very one that has the power to save.

This has been the enemy’s tactic right from the beginning of time; to doubt the nature and character of a loving God. In Genesis 3 we find satan (in the form of a serpent) tricking Adam and Eve to doubt the very one who gave them life. He has been attempting the same trick ever since, and sadly it seems to work… often.

Of first importance God wants to heal our heart condition. This is not to say that He is not interested in our physical condition. He is. I recall Jesus moved with compassion as He moved among the people of His time on earth and He healed them all. Jesus is most concerned about our heart condition. If our heart is sick, our whole being will be sick as well, because it is from our heart that we live. So how did we get this way?

I believe it all began when we started to believe lies from the enemy. The mind is a powerful thing. How we think dictates who we are (Proverbs 23:7 NASB). If the enemy can sow the seed of doubt into our minds and we pay attention to that voice by making agreement with it, it becomes part of who we are. Before too long our heart gets wounded.

It is amazing what we can endure when our heart is well and healthy. And, since our mind is the gatekeeper to our heart and soul, it is important that what we choose to think about and dwell on is positive truth. The ultimate one to have around us is God, who scripture describes as our intimate friend who loves us with great affection.